Bleach Powder (500g)

Bleach Powder (500g)


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A high performance bleach powder which delivers faster and brighter, superior lightening power. (5 lifts)

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The dustfree formula eliminates airborne particles that may cause irritation of the respiratory tract.

When mixed with Peroxide, it turns into a thick, homogenous cream that is easily applied and fast acting.

It gives a perfect, quick lift and beautiful highlights and does not dry out during processing time.


(For high and extreme lift)

  1. Place 35 ml Bleach Powder into plastic or glass dish.
  2. Mix with enough Cream Peroxide (approx. 35ml) to achieve a creamy paste of a viscosity as preferred by you. (Do not prepare mixture until you are ready to use it). The strength of the peroxide used depends on the degree of lightening required. Generally 20Vol (6%) is sufficient. For highlights 30Vol (9%) may be preferred. Do not use 40Vol (12%) on scalp.
  3. Make a preliminary strand test
  4. Use aluminum foil cut into 10 by 15 cm pieces, or if preferred use a bleaching cap for frosting or tipping.
  5. Apply Bleach with a flat brush or colouring comb to partitioned hair.
  6. Allow Bleach to develop, checking frequently.
  7. The developing time depends on lift required and hair quality. (Generally development requires between 20 – 50 minutes).
  8. If hair is sufficiently lightened, rinse hair thoroughly with luke warm water.
  9. Shampoo and rinse again.
  10. Apply conditioner.


  • Store in cool and dry place
  • Product contains Peroxides. Avoid contact with eyes. Use suitable gloves at all times. Do not use on damaged Hair. Do not use on Eyelashes or Eyebrows. Check for sensitive, inflamed or broken scalp.
  • Do not shampoo hair before use.  Bleach Powder is applied to dry hair.

Virgin Hair

First bleach hair 1- 2 cm away from scalp before treating root area.


Sodium Silicate, Sodium Persulphate, Magnesium Carbonate Hydroxide, Ammonium Persulphate, Mineral Oil, Silica, Cellulose Gum, Methyl Hydroxy Ethyl Cellulose, EDTA, Hydroxy Ethyl Cellulose, Fatty Alcohol Polyglycol Ether, Ultramarines, Cetrimonium Bromide.

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