Acetone (1L)


Solvent suitable for nail varnish and acrylic nail removal

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How to use Acetone for Nail Varnish:

  1. Pour some acetone on to cotton or swabs.
  2. Wipe at the nail varnish
  3. Repeat until all nail varnish is removed

How to use Acetone for Acrylic Nails and Gel Nail Polish:

  1. Pour the acetone  into a bowl, deep enough to cover your fingertips.
  2. Coat your cuticles and the tips of your fingers in petroleum jelly, leaving the nails bare. This will help protect your skin.
  3. Soak fingertips in the solvent.
  4. After about 20 minutes the acrylic gel should become soft and begin to dissolve away.
  5. Use cuticle sticks to gently scrape away the softened acrylic. The gel may be sticky and gooey, and it can take several rounds of soaking and gentle scraping to remove most of it.
  6. Use a towel or rag soaked in acetone to wipe the acrylic away.
  7. When the acrylic is nearly gone, wash and dry hands and allow the nails to air-dry completely.
  8. Use your buffer to smooth away any remaining bits of acrylic, again being careful not to damage the nail. Note that some people prefer to leave a thin coat of acrylic, to avoid any risk of scratching the nail surface.
  9. Apply moisturizer to skin to help soothe away any irritation.


This product is a flammable solvent dissolving certain plastics and can damage furniture and surfaces.

Ingredients: Acetone


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